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What evidence there is of effectiveness of chelation for autism, and what evidence that there is no mercury-autism connection anyway.

It is impossible to exist as a human with IQ above 50 or so without forming theories; for instance the theory that one should go to sleep at night, or that there's something called chocolate which tastes nice.

Those superiors who beam down their contempt for conspiracy theorising may be unduly believing in the opposite which we might call "integrity theorising". And the older I get the less and less evidence I see for any truth of such integrity theories!

Conspiracy theorising is limited in the contribution it can make towards resolving medical questions, but I think it can help. Here are two relevant “conspiracy theories” that are supported by so much evidence that I can’t even begin to present it here.
(1) Those who cause a great harm are inclined to go to great lengths to deflect blame from themselves. The medical establishment is well-aware that some of the sources of mercury exposure are from themselves, not least dental amalgam. So it has great hostility to any suggestion of mercury involvement in autism.
(2) One of the most profitable industries in history is Big Pharma. They have for numerous decades engaged in dirty tricks propaganda designed to suppress competition from alternatives to their own patented products. A million dollars spent on propaganda is peanuts to them. And just think how much more you could achieve if you had just one of those millions of dollars to deploy.

There has been a lot of misrepresentation of chelation therapy, not least because it is a whole new approach to treatment, not properly fitting into the categories of either nutrients or conventional drugs. Just as you would not lump together all pharma-drugs or all nutrients as if they were just one treatment, so you should not lump together all chelation treatments. Huge numbers have been killed by prescribed drugs, but we do not seriously argue that therefore all drugs should be banned.

There’s also been a lot of misrepresentation of chelation because even many of those who promote it are incompetent, having little understanding of what is involved.

In my experience the unequalled mercury chelation expert is Andrew Hall Cutler who worked out how to cure himself of “amalgam illness” as he calls it. There’s no substitute for reading his slightly pricey book titled “Amalgam Illness”. But you can get to the key part of it by finding it on (not, and clicking the “Look inside”, then searching for the word “avid” which will take you to page 201. Page 199 onwards explains the essence of competent chelation, and of why incompetent chelation can be rather harmful. It’s simply the difference between brute ignorance and knowledge of the simple principles, not some amazing rocket-science expertise or great skill.

The purpose of chelation is, as per the diagrams on pages 200-201, to remove the toxin from the body. EDTA is not good for mercury detox; AHC explicitly condemned its use in this 1999 book. For adult amalgam illness he recommends only a specific protocol of (optional) DMSA for lowering the general body levels, followed only later by the (necessary) use of ALA which enables transport out from the brain (but also into it which is why the outside-of-brain levels must be lowered first). ALA is a nutrient, an amino acid, so not really comparable to a synthetic drug -- except that in mercurised persons it has that great potential negative (as I experienced myself before I understood I was mercury poisoned; I certainly didn’t take a second tablet of it).

Elsewhere in his book AHC explains how to counteract the tendency of chelators to remove required elements alongside the toxic ones. Again this isn’t exactly rocket science, unless of course your job depends on not understanding it.

Thus you can see now why inappropriate chelation can certainly be harmful, just as you can easily kill yourself with some commonly available pills from the pharmacy. And the sensationalist propaganda anecdotes by Offit and Fitzpatrick of one death caused by an incompetent’s use of EDTA casts not the slightest light on the question of safety of competent chelation protocols.

AHC’s recommendation for chelation of autistics is roughly the same (DMSA–)ALA protocol as for adult amalgam illness, except with shorter intervals. He’s been critical of the protocols recommended by ARI/DAN people, but I don’t know the exact details (as therapy is not something I reckon to have comprehensive expertise about).

Hopefully the above has adequately explained the proper and improper uses of the widely differing protocols applied to the various chelators.


Meanwhile, the medical corporo-establishment is hostile to the idea of mercury involvement in autism, for those two reasons of denying blame for causing it and opposing a non-pharma treatment for it.

You probably already know that it began with the thimerosal hypothesis, itself soon after Wakefield’s MMR hypothesis. These vaccine hypotheses were rightly debunked (at least as major autism factors), but once the debunkers got started they got carried away into falsely debunking everything else to do with autism-mercury -- in the context of those two prejudicing motives.

That included seeking to debunk chelation for autism. Both Offit’s and Fitzpatrick’s books deploy a number of fallacious critiques of chelation, accompanying their lurid highlighting of the irrelevant EDTA-related death anecdote. That latter is as logical as condemning the use of anti-depressants (“drugs”) on the basis of an anecdote of one death resulting from a pain-killer (“drugs”) overdose.

Meanwhile, what about the evidence of effectiveness?

Years ago the ARI instigated a whole load of carefully-designed studies which established the value of vitamin B6 in ameliorating autism in about half of cases. And then all that peer-reviewed, double-blinded, multi-replicated research was utterly ignored and pretended away anyway by the medical establishment.

Thereafter Rimland and Co understandably decided to let the “proper” scientific publishing process go to hell and the ARI concentrated on doing its own publishing via internet and conferences.

Non-establishment science faces increasingly severe obstacles to reaching the official recognition of a PubMed number. Researchers find funding unavailable; they fear having their careers trashed; and many journal editors and referees then deploy their own unsound hostilities. And then even if it does manage to get published it just gets ignored by the sheep and sheepdogs of the establishment anyway, like those B6 studies and my own theory paper.

The CDC, NIMH, MRC etc have not exactly been racing against one another to set up chelation trials with the millions at their command. It appears that eventually SafeMinds etc managed to pester them into setting up a trial, but it, oh, --so regettably!-- "had to be" halted due to supposedly some safety concerns. It couldn’t of course really even possibly be just because they were in danger of getting the “wrong” result and proving that chelation cures autism.

Meanwhile, in the real world, yes there are all those many videos of recovered children, which a lot of "experts" seem incapable of even mentioning, including for instance Simon Baron-Cohen, and "Research Autism" which pretends to be a charity trying to help autistics. And the plural of anecdote eventually does become scientific evidence despite all the efforts of sham scientists. Scientific American recently suggested that 75% of parents are now using the treatments decried as life-threatening quackery.

It is very analogous to the case of adult amalgam illness (which ironically is caused by the same amalgams that caused the autism increase). Many thousands of cases of spectacular “miraculous” recovery from serious intractable illness are on record; plus there’s my own stupendous case and the official lies and evasions to prevent me getting treatment; the internet is getting more and more flooded with such stark testimonies. Amalgam’s even been banned now in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. And yet parts of the med establishment and their slimey assistants such as Ben Goldacre insist on just churning out yet more lies and patently pseudo-science reports such as the SCENIHR one.

Evidence that the real quackery is coming from the medical establishment:
their defence of mercury is demonstrably a pile of rubbish.

Senior names in the research bureaucracy such as Linda Birnbaum assert that an autism-mercury connection has been found to be lacking. The putative evidence of this lack of involvement of mercury rests on three studies, namely Ip et al, Soden, and Hertz-Picciotto et al. 2010. But the first two have been shown to be flawed beyond repair, and indeed evidencing the opposite, by DeSoto and Hitlan 2010. And the remaining study has meanwhile been shown by myself to be worthless rubbish malfounded on a most elementary error.

Oh, and now we have this further would-be contribution:, which purports an ignorance of even the most basic principle of chelation therapy (namely removing the toxin from the body) and substitutes a straw-man fallacious in-situ “detoxification” concept of its own. It is just as impossible to carry out a test of chelation in vitro (or in this case "in tissue") as it is impossible to venture out on a test drive of a car engine which is standing isolated from the car body on a mechanic's bench. When a dentist drills your tooth it instantly creates more pain than was there already. But we don't validly infer from that that dental treatment is counterproductive; because the treatment has to be evaluated as a whole.

That’s four out of four piles of rubbish constantly cited by the very-well-qualified professional defenders of mercury.

On the one hand there is that fourfold pile of rubbish supposedly showing no involvement of mercury. On the other hand the evidence that mercury is involved in autism is now so substantial as to be far beyond reasonable doubt (as reviewed in my update review forthcoming).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if researchers in capitalist countries were paid to find out the truth rather than to cover it up and oppress victims?
More pages relevant to chelation denialism are linked here.

(This post has been written in response to a question asked on the lbrb blog - search for the second comment by "daedalus".)
Two more studies apparently showing a mercury connection (though I've not read them as I concentrate my reading on things that don't agree with my current conclusions): and


  1. Good article - and useful too. However, I suggest you get hold of the book "Callous Disregard" by Andrew Wakefield to learn the true story of the MMR controversy. Incidentally, his findings have not been debunked, as the Big Pharma propagandists claim, they've been replicated in at least 7 different independent studies. It's not quite accurate to say Wakefield had a 'hypothesis'. What he found was data that suggested an association between measles virus, mumps virus, the MMR vaccine and Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Autism. All he did was suggest that MMR might not be entirely safe and more research was needed. Since then, other doctors have conducted more research - not enough to provide a viable hypothesis - but interesting nonetheless. There is now more evidence to show a link between Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome and Autism. In other words, the evidence is accruing that autism is not a genetic brain disorder but an illness caused by infection. Progress is slow because medical academia - controlled as it is by Big Pharma - refuses to provide grant funding for this line of research. Over 95% of the autism-related research grants go to geneticists or psychologists.
    The 'recovered children' you refer to are a result of the independent research triggered by Andrew Wakefield's studies. You can find more info about them from the Autism File (

  2. Jonathan, Thanks for your comments but as a mercury-poisoned person myself I have to limit my activities (as per AHC book p71) and so I'm just limiting myself currently to saying that MMR wasn't a noticeable cause of the increase. In my less intensive moments I'm crawling through Paul Offit's indecent book and have got to page 58 where he does a bungled job of attempting to gloss over his preference for not telling the public the whole truth -- need I say more.

    But doesn't Offit give a fine summary of the MMR thesis here (page 20-21)?: "He proposed that after MMR vaccine was injected into the arm, the measles vaccine virus traveled to the intestine and caused infection and inflammation. Harmful proteins, now able to pass through a damaged intestine, entered the bloodstream and eventually the brain, causing autism."

    You say his findings have been replicated rather than debunked, but doesn't it depend which thesis the findings of you are referring to? The MMR claims were reviewed in the recent Omnibus Autism Proceedings judgement and while I wouldn't credit it with absolute impartiality it did seem to give quite good rationales for dismissing key planks of the case. For instance Unigenetics' tests being bunk.

    However, the problem is that with allegations and counter-allegations like this, an outside observer is forced to either leaps of faith or to remain agnostic as I do. The fact that Wakefield's enemies acted disgracefully does not have a logical implication that his own side was therefore morally or factually sound or honest.

    His MMR epidemiology was certainly rubbish (but then it seems so was most other contributers' anyway, indeed I'm not sure why they bother having courses on the subject!). I do suspect however that he has made a genuinely important discovery of an autism-bowel link, but as the forces of darkness have to character-assassinate him for the MMR "crime", they have to lie about that discovery too. I guess.

    There's plenty evidence that autism is not an "illness" and has multiple causes. But of course those causes do include illnesses such as infections.

    I thought the recovered children were due to mercury-removal chelation inspired by DAN/ARI/Safeminds/BoydHaley and unrelated to AW's studies.

    Last I heard of Autism File was that the forces of darkness have bullied newsagents into not stocking it. In accordance with the abovementioned page 58 of Saint Paul Offit's autism bible I guess.

  3. you're a complete and utter quack, you are


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