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This is a website relating to the unchallenged theory of autism, IQ and genius, Personality and Individual Differences 14:459-482 (1993) by Robin P Clarke (the antiinnatia theory). An update review paper is being prepared for publication. Meanwhile you can download the original 1993 publication (presentationally revised) here, and the original 1993 publication (author's reprint) here . (the journal site version is here:, but without added charts of social class and you may have to pay Elsevier $31.)

IQ increase (Flynn effect) predicted affects animals too

My update review explains the Flynn effect IQ increase and its reversal as caused by the parallel increase of atmospheric mercury vapor over a century followed by the parallel reduction in recent decades. There is no reason why this causality should not apply equally to non-human animals, and so the theory makes a new prediction that the Flynn effect affects non-humans. This would be manifested in intelligently innovative behaviours and a certain amount of deviation from hitherto traditional innately-directed behaviours (a sort of "animal autism").

While I have not made any search for confirmation or disconfirmation, I have passively come to notice some support for this concept.

Firstly, a monkey inventing a new way of opening coconuts:

Secondly a species of monkey which was well-established to be vegetarian suddenly starting to eat eggs:

Plus you can hear this hilarious innovation in gibbon singing....

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