Read the most advanced science of autism causes here. Bypass the commenterati and go direct to the science. Don't waste your time at the sites which pretend "no-one" knows what causes (or what sometimes cures) autism.
This is a website relating to the unchallenged theory of autism, IQ and genius, Personality and Individual Differences 14:459-482 (1993) by Robin P Clarke (the antiinnatia theory). An update review paper is being prepared for publication. Meanwhile you can download the original 1993 publication (presentationally revised) here, and the original 1993 publication (author's reprint) here . (the journal site version is here:, but without added charts of social class and you may have to pay Elsevier $31.)

(Just images of my Rimland quotes)


  1. I think you better tell people how brilliant and awesome you are some more...

    "Robin is a dazzling talent and a genius"

    -Robins mom.

  2. "A prophet is despised in his own country, and in his own house, and among his own kindred." - Mark 6:4, Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24.

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