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Reason for false association between vaccines and autism

I'm copying in this post below from another blog here as it usefully complements my other post about vaccinations.

Please note that I do not agree with everything it says.

Correlation Not Causation
Posted by David_Pollard on 28 May 2009 at 15:12 GMT

There really is a connection between vaccination and the onset of autism, but it's not a causal relationship.

Fever reduces autistic spectrum symptoms, and vaccination can cause mild fever. Generally the symptoms of autism develop quite slowly and may pass un-noticed in the early stages. It is quite likely that, in a proportion of cases, they will first be recognised following a fever when, having been reduced by the fever, they return quite quickly as it abates. This relatively sudden return could well appear to be the initial onset, leading to the (false) conclusion that whatever caused the fever also caused the autism.

Parents in such a situation will not easily be convinced by assurances and epidemiological studies. And the assertion that there is no connection whatsoever is tantamount to calling them liars, for this is to deny the evidence of their own eyes. Not surprisingly some will dig in their heels and reject the views of authority with considerable vehemence.

Whatever the other factors may be that fuel the myth that vaccination causes autism, and there do seem to be various vested interests, this is one of the major roots. The myth will not disappear until it becomes common knowledge that anything that causes fever is likely to bring autistic spectrum symptoms to notice by briefly reducing their severity. But bringing symptoms to notice is not the same as causing the ailment.


No competing interests declared.

Note: the above are not the words of Robin Clarke myself, and I do not agree with it all.

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